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Beanstalk Seeds is a social entrepreneurship venture of Kansas City Community Gardens. Each of our Beanstalk Seeds varieties has unique characteristics that make it fun and simple for families to grow. They’re also a great activity for schools, youth groups and other clubs or associations.
Each purchase you make helps low income families and urban schools grow their own nutritious fruits and vegetables.

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Arugula – Astro Seeds
Basil – Lemon Seeds
Basil – Sweet Seeds
Bean – Bush Dragon Tongue Seeds
Bean – Provider Bush Seeds
Bean – Yard Long / Red Noodle Seeds
Beet – Red and Golden Seeds
Borage Seeds
Cantaloupe – Goddess Seeds
Cantaloupe – Hale’s Best No. 36
Carrot – Mokum Seeds
Carrot – Rainbow Blend Seeds
Cilantro / Coriander Seeds
Collard Greens – Top Bunch Seeds
Corn – Sweet Peaches & Cream Seeds
Cucumber – County Fair Seeds
Cucumber – Diva Seeds
Cucumber – Suyo Long Seeds
French Sorrel Seeds
Ground Cherry – Goldie Seeds
Kale – Scarlett Seeds
Kale – Vates Blue Curled Seeds
Kohlrabi – Early White Vienna Seeds
Lettuce – Buttercrunch Seeds
Lettuce – Canasta Seeds
Lettuce – KCCG 30th Anniversary Gourmet Blend Seeds
Mouse Melon Seeds
Nasturtium – Whirlybird Mix Seeds
Okra – Jambalaya Seeds
Parsley – Curly Leaf Seeds
Pea – Green Sugar Ann Seeds
Peanut – Tennessee Red Valencia Seeds
Pepper – Gypsy Seeds
Popcorn – Robust Seeds
Pumpkin – Kakai Seeds
Purslane – Goldberg Golden Seeds
Radish – Cherry Belle Seeds
Radish – Easter Egg Seeds
Snow Pea – Oregon Giant Seeds
Soybean – Green Butterbean Seeds
Spinach – Red Malabar Seeds
Spinach – Space Seeds
Squash – Spaghetti Seeds
Squash – Waltham Butternut Seeds
Squash – Yellow Straightneck Seeds
Sunflower – Autumn Beauty Seeds
Sunflower – Giant Seeds
Sweet Sorghum – Rox Orange Seeds
Swiss Chard – Bright Lights Seeds
Tatsoi Seeds
Tomatillo – Toma Verde Seeds
Tomato – Sun Gold Cherry Seeds
Turnip – Purple Top Seeds
Watermelon – Yellow Doll Seeds
Zucchini – Black Beauty Seeds