There are countless ways to expand your horizons in the garden!

The gardening experience is more about simply weeding and watering. With a little bit of creativity, students and educators alike can have fun in the garden while they’re learning! In the classroom, try out a kale salad recipe with garden veggies, host a picnic in the garden, start a compost pile and more.

picnic pizza tasting

Looking for ways to get creative in the garden?

  • “What’s Growing On” Bulletin Boards — showcase your garden’s harvest and your students’ accomplishments with photos and text.
  • Family Workdays — Invite families to become familiar with the garden and allow students the opportunity to share their garden with their parents.
  • Share your harvest bounty with teachers, staff members and families.
  • Extend the classroom outside — Celebrate a warm spring day with reading, journaling and other classroom work brought out to the garden.
  • Partner with an art teacher to create signage for the garden and other craft projects.
  • Have a picnic or harvest party in the garden, with produce from the garden.
  • Keep a garden log — Keep track of what you planted, when, where and what students enjoyed.
  • Create a scavenger hunt — Have students search for insects, plants, and more.
  • Have taste tests — bring in canned or frozen vegetables to compare with your garden produce.

Using your garden produce in the classroom:

  • Make a salad with lettuce, radishes, snap peas and other veggies from the garden.
  • Top a plain cheese pizza with garden veggies.
  • Stuff a tortilla with hummus and garden veggies for a salad wrap.
  • Dip vegetables into homemade dips, peanut butter, hummus and more.
  • Have a baked potato bar with fresh potatoes, broccoli, onions and other add-ons.
  • Make homemade salsa with tomatoes, peppers and cilantro from the garden.