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For more than 30 years, KCCG’s knowledgeable staff have worked side by side with Kansas City’s families and neighborhoods to build and support gardens that provide healthy, affordable food. Community and home gardens are a proven way to improve nutrition and food security for Kansas City’s food insecure families, but that’s not all. With support from KCCG, community garden projects throughout Kansas City are transforming the way we live… providing urban green space, opportunities for physical activity and recreation, and revitalizing neighborhoods.

Become a partner in growing change for Kansas City…. consider making a donation to Kansas City Community Gardens today. Your generous contributions make it possible to share free educational garden skills workshops and low-cost resources including community garden space, garden tilling, seeds, plants, and fertilizer that help make gardening affordable for all. Your donation also helps KCCG support school and community gardens that are teaching more than 8,200 children and youth about healthy eating and improving food security for Kansas City’s communities.

Thank you for considering a gift to Kansas City Community Gardens. KCCG is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and contributions are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

Ways to Donate:

One-time Gifts:

Click here to make an online credit card donation to KCCG today


By mail:
If you prefer to mail your gift, please send checks to:

Kansas City Community Gardens
6917 Kensington
Kansas City, MO 64132

Adopt a Garden

Please designate “Adopt a Garden” when making your gift if you would like to sponsor a home, community, or school garden in Kansas City and receive a photo of your sponsored gardener. The Adopt-a-Garden program provides essential donor support for community, school, and home gardens throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. Your gift helps to fund KCCG’s core mission and programs, including essential operating costs, and helps to purchase vegetable seeds, plants, and fertilizer to help low-income families and others in Kansas City grow their own healthy food. Your support also helps KCCG to teach youth groups and families visiting the Beanstalk Children’s Garden about healthy eating and urban gardening. Each contributor of $50 or more will receive background information and a photo of one of KCCG’s adopted gardeners.

Levels of Support:

$25- “Seed”- A gift of $25 can provide seeds for a low-income family living in a food desert to grow their own fresh vegetables.

$50- “Sprout”- A donation of $50 can help start tomato, sweet potato, and pepper transplants in KCCG’s on-site greenhouse so a local community group or congregation can grow healthy food to donate for hunger relief in Kansas City.

$100- “Seedling”-A gift of $100 will allow KCCG to till a community garden for one of our Community Partner Gardens, including neighborhoods and nonprofits like Hillcrest Transitional Living, Whatsoever Community Center, and Beacon Hills Community Garden

$250- “Vine”- Your gift of $250 will help support KCCG’s free garden skills workshops program, reaching nearly 1,000 people in the community each year with workshops like “Vegetable Garden Basics” and “Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes”

$500- “Community Trellis”- A contribution of $500 can provide lumber, soil, plants, and seeds to build a school garden with three raised beds

$1,000- “Cornucopia”- A contribution of $1,000 can build 10 4′ by 12′ raised garden beds filled with compost and topsoil at a new, large-scale community garden site maintained by Kansas City Community Gardens.

Click the button below to support KCCG through Adopt-a-Garden:


Honor/Memorial Gifts

Consider making a contribution to support home and community gardening in honor or memory of a special family member or friend. Please include your dedication along with your online gift or check, along with contact details if you would like us to notify the recipient. Your tribute will be recognized in KCCG’s Annual Report.

Matching Gifts and Workplace Giving

Many Kansas City companies offer matching gift programs that increase the impact of your donation. Check with your employer to find out if a program is available at your workplace.

KCCG is proud to be a United Way-supported agency. You may designate your United Way of Greater Kansas City contribution to a specific agency such as KCCG through payroll deduction or a one-time gift.

Gift Memberships

Contact us at (816)931-3877 to purchase a one-year gift membership to KCCG for a gardener you know.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Special Events

Sponsor or purchase a ticket to the annual The Gardens at Sunset charitable event held each year in September to benefit KCCG! Watch for details about the 2014 event at:

Become a sponsor of the Leanna Flandermeyer Beanstalk Children’s Garden at 6917 Kensington

Sponsor garden projects at Kansas City area schools as part of KCCG’s Schoolyard Gardens program.

Gifts of Stock and Planned Giving

To learn more about making a gift of securities or legacy gift to KCCG, please contact us at (816)931-3877.