The Giving Grove

The Giving Grove, a program of KCCG, is an organization with the mission of helping the KC metropolitan and surrounding communities grow, harvest, and share healthy food by providing the resources needed to plant edible tree gardens at schools, churches, and other vacant land.

Our mission is to provide continuous fresh food access to those in need by donating produce from the tree gardens back to the neighborhoods or food pantries.

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What is an edible tree garden?

Edible Tree Gardens are ecologically and sustainably grown food systems that provide fruits, nuts, berries and edible perennial crops to feed those in need.

What we envision:

  • Fresh perennial produce made available to urban neighborhoods.
  • “Edible tree gardens” of varying sizes and complexity.
  • People, especially children, reconnected with growing healthy food.
  • Communities inspired to come together to grow, harvest, and share their own food.

What we offer:

  • Landscape planning and design.
  • Access to disease resistant nursery stock.
  • Help with installation.
  • Continuous educational support including workshops and site visits.
  • Gleaning by the After the Harvest. For more info, go to