KCCG Tiller Rentals


Rental Pricing and Checkout Times:

• KCCG offers tiller rentals for all KCCG members.

• For Green Card members, the cost to rent is $8 for 4 hours.

• For Yellow Card members, the cost to rent is $15 for 4 hours.

• A deposit of $50 is required and must be cash or check.

• Rental times: Time slots are 9am- 12:45, 1pm- 4:45, 4:45 – 9am the following morning (We do not rent tillers past 4:45)

• To learn more about becoming a KCCG member, click here.

Tiller Rental Guidelines

If you rent the tiller at 4:45, you need to bring it back by 9am the following morning. There will not be staff to help unload the tiller until after 9am.

You must have a truck or van to load the tiller. We will not load them in car backseats or car trunks. Tiller must be able to “stand up” cannot lay on it’s side.

You do not need to have gas for the tiller.  We will make sure that it is full when you rent it and it will be enough gas for the 4 hour shift. 

There are no tiller rentals on Saturdays. If you rent on Friday, you can keep it all weekend and must return it Monday morning.

You do not want to till muddy soil. If you till soil that is too wet, the soil will turn into large clumps in your garden that are hard to break up.

 If you are not sure if your soil is too wet or too dry take a piece in your hand to feel the consistency.  If it forms a hard ball it is too wet.  If it just crumbles, it is too dry.  Soil that is perfect for tilling should form a loose ball – similar to the consistancey of chocolate cake. 

You need to clean off the tines of the tiller before returning it to KCCG.

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