Vegetable Seed List

Available March 1st at our Headquarters

KCCG aims to offer you the best seed varieties at the lowest possible price and during the time that it is best to plant them in our area! All the seeds listed below will be on sale at our office on the given date, weather permitting. Most items are on sale for several weeks, while supplies last.


Blue Lake: 55 days. Vigorous, branching plants produce heavy yields under adverse conditions. Pods are slow to form seeds or fiber. A classic canning and freezing bean.

Cherokee Yellow Wax: 51 days. Pale yellow pods on vigorous, hardy, 16-18” bushes.

Henderson Lima: (bush) 66 days. An old favorite baby lima bean. Bears 3.5” pods till frost.

Jackson Wonder Lima Butterbean: (bush) 66 days. A good hot weather bean. 2’ tall bushes have high yields of broad pods. Shell out for fresh or dry for winter use.

Kentucky Wonder: 56 days. Bears a week earlier than pole variety. Long-bearing plants with stringless pods.

Provider: 50 days. The most popular early green bean. 5” long, medium green fleshy round pods. Adapted to diverse locations, soil, and climate conditions.

Royal Burgundy: 54 days. Vigorous, erect, 15-20” high bushes with high yields of 5” purple pods which turn green when cooked. Good for colder soils, resistant to bean beetle.

Tohya - Edamame: (bush) 78 days.Early with delicious, buttery flavor and tender firm texture. Plump, pale green pods with average 3 seeds per pods. Compact plants average 2' tall.


Asparagus Yard Long: 80 days. Plants grow to 10’ and produce an astonishing yield of slender, extremely tasty 2-3’ long pods.

Blue Lake: 55 days. Famous pole bean variety with excellent freezing and canning qualities. Tender, round, meaty pods on vigorous, heavy-yielding plants.

Edamame: Tohya 78 days. Early with
delicious, buttery flavor and tender-firm texture. Plump, pale green pods with average 3 seeds per pods. Compact plants average 2’ tall.

Kentucky Wonder: 63 days. Old fashioned favorite. Vigorous 60-84” vines with high, extended yields. Rust resistant. Pods are flat when mature.

Speckled Lima Butterbean: (pole) 80 days. Large quarter-sized seeds. Light cream colored with bright red specks. Buttery flavored beans, delicious fresh and maintains flavor canned or frozen. Tremendous yield.


Early Wonder Tall Top: 45 days. Earliest beets and greens. Large vigorous tops. Tall bright, glossy green, red-veined tops, slightly flattened red roots.

Detroit Dark Red: 45-70 days. 2.5-3” globe roots of blood-red color. For canning and fresh use.


Delicious 51: 81 days. Early large fruits, 4-5 lbs. Good flavor, thick orange-salmon flesh. Fusarium wilt resistant.

Hale’s Best No. 36 Cantaloupe: 80 days. The fruit is highly flavored, beautiful and solidly netted, little if any suture and no ribs. Spicy salmon colored flesh. Fruit 2.5-3 lbs, uniform in size, slight oval shape.


Nantes: 62-70 days. Small 10-12” tops with 6.5” x 1” bright red-orange blunt roots. Good fresh or frozen.

Royal Chantenay: 65 days. Cylindrical 6” roots for heavy or shallow soils. Tops are sturdy, 15-20.” Dependable heavy yields.


Georgia: 70 days. Old standard, 36” spreading plants, large, cabbage-like blue-green, slightly crumpled leaves; heat and poor soil tolerant, slow to bolt.


Argent: 85 days. 8.5 – 9” ears with 14-16 rows of fine white kernels, tender sweet creamy texture, with a superior package and husk protection. (hybrid)

Bodacious: 75 days. An extremely high quality yellow corn. Very sweet and tender. Plants are 87” tall with 8” long ears. (hybrid)

Peaches & Cream: 70 days. Matures early in the season, 8.5” long ears with petite, bi-colored kernels. (hybrid)

Robust: (popcorn) 110 days. Early maturing gourmet yellow popcorn. 7’ tall plants with 1-2 ears per plant. (hybrid)


Marketmore 76: 56 days. Long, slender, dark green slicing cucumbers on short, space-saving vines. Disease resistant.

National Pickling: 57 days. Fruit slightly tapered, about 6-7” long. Medium dark green color.


Astro Arugula: 38 days. Peppery flavored, cool-season, salad green. Early, heat tolerant, strap leaf variety. Mild flavor, best when picked young.


Tatsoi: 45 days. Leaves form a compact, thick rosette. Long harvest period. Mild taste for salads, stir-fries, etc.


Vates Blue Curled: 56 days. Standard blue/green curled. Plants are 14” tall.


Early White Vienna: 50 days. Uniform plant with short top and few leaves. Stems mature quickly, harvest at 2” in diameter.


Buttercrunch: 60 days. Boston type or loosehead. Larger and more heat tolerant than Bibb, slower to bolt, stands at least 2 weeks longer without bolting. Leaves are thick, crisp, and tender.

KCCG 30th Anniversary Gourmet Lettuce Blend: 30 – 60 days. This custom blend was specially chosen to celebrate KCCG's 30th Anniversary. It includes 11 great tasting premium lettuce varieties (Cimmaron, Red Salad Bowl, Salad Bowl, Oakleaf Royal, Red Sails, Buttercrunch, Tango, Ruby Red, Canasta, Four Seasons) with great diversity of color and texture.

Ruby Red: 40 days. A red leaf lettuce that has bright red, glossy and crumbled leaves.

Salad Bowl: 45 days. A green leaf lettuce that is sweet and crisp. Ruffled leaves; slow to bolt.


Curly Leaf: 55 days. Bright green leaves are crumpled and heavily curled. Upright plants are slow to bolt. Strong mustard flavor.

Florida Broadleaf: 50 days. Early, fast-growing variety for processing, market, and home gardening. Large, upright plants 10” high, deep green, oval-shaped, smooth leaves.

Red Giant Mustard: 45 days. Very attractive plant with reddish leaves. Can be harvested either as a 6” plant or allowed to grow to 17”. Has a mild, mustard flavor. Sow spring through fall. Slow bolting.

Tendergreen Mustard: 40 days. Large plants, quick growing. Leaves are oblong, thick, fairly smooth, and dark green. Mustard-spinach flavor.


Burgundy: 55 days. Bears moderate amounts of red pods on tall plants. Pods turn green when cooked.

Clemson Spineless: 55 days. The most popular okra variety available. Plants are 4-6’ tall with straight, deep green, spineless pods.

Dwarf Green Long Pod: 50 days. Pods are bright green, ridged and tapered and tend to be more slender than the Clemson Spineless. Plant height is 3-4’ tall.


Blackeye: 60-78 days. Vigorous, high yielding 24-40” tall plants with 7-9” pods. 10-12 seeds per pod. Wilt resistant, excellent as a shell bean, or as a dry bean.

Black Crowder: 63 days. Long pods, prolific, and easy to shell. Seeds turn black when dry.

Brown Crowder: 60 days. Extra large, straw colored, red-tinged 7-9” long pods. Very productive busy plants. Easy to pick and shell.

Purple Hull: 50-78 days. Strong, vigorous vines. Excellent for cooking green or freezing. White pea with small purple eye. Two crops in a season in this region.


Green Arrow: (English pea) 62 days. Vigorous vines (36” tall) with 8-11 bright green peas per pod. Sweet flavor. Resistant to mildew, Fusarium, and root rot.

Oregon Giant: (snow pea) 69 days. High yields of sweet, extra-large, flat pods. Tolerant to powdery mildew, common wilt and enation mosaic.

Super Sugar Snap: (snap pea) 64 days. Plump 2-3” long, round, slightly curved, fleshy green pods. Tall vines need support. Resistant to powdery mildew; tolerant to pea leaf roll virus.


Connecticut Field: 110 days. Standard general purpose or large Halloween pumpkin. Hard, smooth, somewhat ribbed, deep orange pumpkin, weighing 15-25 lbs.

Small Sugar: 100 days. Averaging about 6-7 lbs. each, this is one of the standard smaller pumpkins. Good yields of deep orange pumpkins with high quality flesh.


Cherry Belle: 20-30 days. Round, bright cherry red with white flesh. Root is about 1” in diameter, tops about 3” at harvest time. Keeps well.

White Icicle: 30 days. A uniform short top strain which forms 6” long roots very quickly. Flesh is white, crisp, and mild.


Bloomsdale Longstanding: 45 days. Heavy yields of crinkled, thick textured, glossy, dark green leaves. Slow to bolt.

Emperor (F1): 37 days. Dark green, semisavoy (crinkled leaf) for spring and fall. Upright, dark green leaves with long stems are great for bunching.

Space: 39 days. Early and high yielding smooth leaf spinach. Big plants are upright and disease resistant. Long standing. (hybrid)


Bennings Green Tint: 49 days. Patty pan, 3x2.5” pale green, scalloped and spiny summer squash. Delicious raw and cooked.

Black Beauty Zucchini: 44 days. Bush type. Long, straight, slender fruit with slight ridges, black-green color. Flesh greenish white, with firm, fine delicate flavor. Pick when still tender, 6-8”.

Yellow Crookneck: 58 days. Bears later than straightneck squash but yields consistently for the rest of the season. Bright yellow fruits are best picked when skin is still smooth and 4-6” long.

Yellow Straightneck, Early Prolific: 42-56 days. Fruit are uniform lemon yellow and straight. Best when picked at 4”-6”.


Buttercup: 100 days. Turban shaped squash measuring 4.5” diameter and weighing 4-5 lbs. Rind is dark green. Thick orange flesh. Excellent flavor and keeps well.

Spaghetti Squash:
88 days. An early-maturing type with ivory-colored skin turning pale yellow at maturity. Fork out the baked or boiled spaghetti-like flesh as a substitute for pasta.

Table Queen Acorn: 85 days. Acorn shaped, ribbed, thin-shelled, dark green fruits. 5.5” length, 4.5” diameter. Flesh is light yellow, bakes dry and sweet.

Waltham Butternut: 105 days. Uniform fruits averaging 9” long and weighing 4-5 lbs. Flowers later than other winter squashes, but fruits develop quickly and keep well long into the winter. Less attractive to squash bugs than some other winter squash.


Fordhook Giant: 60 days. A tall, vigorous strain with broad dark leaves. Stems are thick and white. Tolerates hot weather well.

Ruby: 60 days. Similar to Fordhook but with ruby red stalks and veins.


Purple Top: 60 days. Produces round, purple topped 4” roots and abundant greens for early summer harvest.

Seven Top: 45-50 days. Used only for greens as roots are tough and woody.

Shogoin: 42 days. Produces white roots that should be used while still young and mild. Greens are tender and mild.


Black Diamond: 80 days. Early and productive with sweet red flesh. Large fruits average 30 lbs.

Crimson Sweet: 96 days. Short, oval, light-green fruit with dark stripes, averaging 15-25 lbs. Tolerant to fusarium and anthracnose, dark red flesh, with high sugar content in a dry year. Small seeds.

Sugar Baby: 76 days. Round fruits 6-8” in diameter averaging 8-10 lbs. Ripe melons have very dark green rinds (except for a yellow belly) and sweet red flesh with small seeds.

Flower Seeds

Cosmos: Old fashioned favorite, sensation mix with large single flowers, 3-4” across in shades of lavender, pink, magenta, and white. Large plants (48-54” tall) are easy to grow. Good for cut flowers.

Daisy, Gloriosa: Upright annual with large 3-5” single blooms of rich golden yellow or mahogany red. Requires full sun. Heat and drought resistant. Plant height 2-3’. Blooms from June to September.

Daisy, Shasta: Hardy perennial. White flowers with golden centers on single erect stems. Prefers full sun to partial shade in fertile soil. Plant height 2-3’. Blooms in June and July.

Dames Rocket: Hardy biennial. Lilac-purple flowers are concentrated at the end of 2-3’ tall stalks. Sweet fragrances. Plant in well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Blooms in April and May.

Four O’Clocks:
(Marvel of Peru) Grows 15-24” tall and produces 1” white, red or yellow flowers that open in late afternoon.

Giant Sunflower: Large single 8-12” blooms are produced on 7’ plants. Large edible seeds.

Marigold, Crackerjack: A tall African type, better suited for cut flowers, growing about 30” tall. Large flowers are yellow, orange, and gold.

Marigold, Sparky: Dwarf French variety, good for border plantings. Mixed colors.

Nasturtium: A colorful, edible flower. Tolerant of poor soils and heat or cold. Big seeds are ideal for kids’ gardens. Flower heads 2.5” across.

Sweet Alyssum:
Hardy annual with dense clusters of tiny snow-white flowers. Compact plant of 8-12” height, heat and drought resistant. Grows in full sun to partial shade in almost any soil.

Zinnia: Early maturing, mildew-tolerant, 24” plants produce 4-5” multicolored flowers that are good for cutting.

Gourd Seeds

Birdhouse Gourds: (95 days) 12” long gourds with narrow necks and a hard shell. Excellent for making birdhouses and crafts.

Small Mixed Gourds: (100 days) Produces a good yield of small size gourds of various shapes and colors. Excellent for making crafts, birdhouses, dippers, etc.

Herb Seeds

Basil: An Italian large leaf sweet basil perfect for pesto. High yielding plant with up to 4” long dark green leaves.

Cilantro/Coriander: Aromatic, distinctively flavored annual herb. Prefers direct-seeding in a sunny location. Requires 7-10 days to germinate in cool soil. Slow to bolt, produces abundant cilantro foliage in a 14” plant. Allow seed pods to dry for use as coriander.

Curly-Leaf Parsley: Standard variety, easy to grow. Use in garnishes, salads, and cooking.

Dill: Direct-seed in sunny location and expect about 60% germination. Plant reaches about 3’.