KCCG Cool Season Plants

Plants come in 3-packs and the limit is TEN 3-packs per member.

Spring Plants Available March 24th (Green Card) - March 25th (All Cards)

Fall Plants Available July 21st (All Cards)

Cool Season Lettuce Available Aug. 22nd (All Cards)

Membership Pricing

Green Card

3-Pack of Plants = $0.50

Yellow Card

3-Pack of Plants = $1.00

Blue Card

3-Pack of Plants = $1.50


63 days - A rugged, vigorous broccoli with mid-late maturity. Big plants with heavy, very firm, dark green, domed heads with a unique “frosted” appearance. Tolerant of cold stress. Excellent side shoot production. (hybrid)


57 days – Early and heat resistant plants are compact and  produce heads 5-6” in diameter. Great flavor and excellent side shoot production.



75 days - Large, blue-green heads are heavy with high, smooth, tight domes and very small, fine beads. Intermediate resistance to downy mildew.

Brussels Sprouts

103 days - Dependable midseason variety. Tall, straight, erect plant with medium-large, smooth, and attractive sprouts. (hybrid)


85 days - Widely adapted mid-season cabbage with very large blue-green heads and excellent disease resistance. (hybrid)


65 days - Darker green, larger version of Stonehead. Upright plant habit and dense head forms slowly for extended cutting period. High quality fresh cabbage. Yellow tolerant. (hybrid)


60 days - Light green leaves form a barrel shaped head of 4-6 lbs. Slow bolting and equally good for early spring and fall crops. (hybrid)


63 days - Extra early, red compact plants, solid 2-4 lb. heads with good appearance and flavor. Relatively split resistant. (hybrid)


73 days - Deep green color wrinkled leaves, tolerant to cold, tender and sweet. (hybrid)


67 days - A very popular mid-season variety. Very solid heads average 4 lbs. More resistant to splitting. Yellow tolerant. (hybrid)


50 days - Well rounded solid white heads average 2 lbs. a piece and measure up to 7.5” across with good depth. Plants are vigorous and very uniform in size. (hybrid)


70 days - The old standard. Large plants spread 36”, cabbage-like blue-green, slightly crumpled leaves, heat and poor soil tolerant, slow to bolt.


50 days - Earliest to harvest. Tall productive plant produces medium green slightly blistered leaves. A Georgia-type hybrid with crinkled leaves.


50 days - Dark green 3” wide and 10” long leaves with a blistered surface. Excellent kale for fall production. Cross between cabbage and kale, more cold-hardy than other varieties. Best and sweetest flavor after a frost.


55 days - Similar to Winterbor but purple-red. Flavor, color, and curling are enhanced by cold weather. (hybrid)


60 days. Plants grow 2-3’ tall and have excellent cold hardiness. Large numbers of curled blue-green leaves. Plants regrow vigorously after harvesting. (hybrid)


60 days - Boston type or loosehead. Larger and more heat tolerant than Bibb, slower to bolt. Leaves are thick, crisp and tender.


58 days - Crisp, full-flavored and exceptionally bolt resistant. Large, ruffled, yellow-green leaves, lightly tinged with red.

Coastal Star

57 days - Large green romaine lettuce with excellent heat tolerance.


47 days – This adaptable variety has beautiful, large dark red heads with nicely contrasting green centers. Excellent flavor and texture.

Warm Season Plants

Herb Plants