Potatoes, Onions, & Leeks

Seed Potatoes

Available March 2nd
$2.50 for a 5 lb. bag or $.50 / lb.Kennebec:

Medium to late maturing white potato with smooth tan skin. Medium sized potato stores well.


Russet potato with early to medium maturity. White flesh with tan skin.


Early maturing blue skinned potato with blue flesh. Smaller in size and slightly nutty flavor. Stores well.

Sweet Potatoes

Order March 26th through April 30th
We are no longer accepting sweet potato orders.

Onion Plants

Available March 20th

$2.50/bundle of 60 plants
Recommended for growing large bulb onions

Superstar: (white)

100 days. Earlier, milder, sweeter, larger, and more widely adapted than other white onions. Easiest variety to grow for large onions. (hybrid)

Onion Sets

Available March 2nd

Recommended for growing green onions

Yellow and White