Onions, Leeks, & Potatoes

Onions, leeks, and potatoes are available for in-store purchase beginning at the dates listed below.

Sweet potatoes can be pre-ordered online between March 25th and April 30th. The online order form link will be available on this page between those dates.

PLEASE NOTE - Limits for seed potatoes are 20 lbs total, 10 lbs total for onion sets, 3 bundles for onions plants, and 2 bundles for leeks.

Onion Sets

Available March 4th



Recommended for growing green onions.


Recommended for growing green onions.


Recommended for growing green onions.

Onion Plants

Available March 19th

$2.50/bundle of 60 plants

Recommended for growing large bulb onions


90 days - Successfully grown in any area. Unique, sweet and mild flavor, early maturity, jumbo bulb size. Stores 3 months. (hybrid)


100 days - Sweet at harvest becomes more pungent during storage. Stores 4-6 months. (hybrid)


100 days - Earlier, milder, sweeter, larger, and more widely adapted than other white onions. Easiest variety to grow for large onions. (hybrid)


Available March 19th

$2.00 per bundle of 25 Plants


75 days - White bottoms with blue/green upright top. Long 12 – 14” shafts, look great and have excellent flavor. Leeks are not day length sensitive if you keep blanching them (throwing dirt up the stem). Leeks are great for soups, salads and roasting.

Seed Potatoes

Available March 4th

$2.50 for a 5 lb bag or $.50 / lb


Medium to late maturing white potato with smooth tan skin. Medium sized potato stores well.


Russet potato with early to medium maturity. White flesh with tan skin.


Early maturing purple skinned potato with purple flesh. Smaller in size and slightly nutty flavor. Stores well.


Early maturing potato with red skin and white flesh. Smaller in size and great for boiling and potato salad.


Medium maturing potato with golden tan skin and yellow flesh.

Sweet Potatoes

Order from March 25th through April 30th

$3.00/dozen – pay when you pick up


90-100 days Developed at Louisiana State University in 1987, this variety may be the world’s most popular sweet potato. Deep-orange flesh that keeps well in storage. It seems to have fewer problems with white grubs than some varieties and, also resists cracking. Make sure that plants get plenty of sun to develop the maximum flavor and sweetness. Resistant to fusarium wilt and soil rot.