Schoolyard Gardens


The Schoolyard Gardens program works with schools metro-wide to establish vegetable gardens on school grounds. KCCG staff support school staff and students so that they can have successful gardens, exposing students to the wonders of growing their own fruits and vegetables. Through the gardening process, we help children learn about nutrition with the hopes that they will develop healthy eating habits.

The Schoolyard Gardens program does not have a set curriculum. Instead, we work with schools to help them set goals for their own garden and then reach those goals. We do realize, however, that many teachers need help with basic gardening skills. KCCG staff provides hands-on training as well as a variety of workshops throughout the year. We also assist schools using our Grow in the Garden curriculum.

Gardening in schools has many benefits. Schoolyard Gardens provide students with the opportunity to:

  • Develop gardening skills by planting and maintaining food crops in an outdoor garden setting.
  • Learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits as they taste and experiment with a variety of vegetables and fruits.
  • Increase understanding of plant science and the basic concepts of plant growth through “hands-on” experience.
  • Increase environmental awareness by learning how to garden and how people fit into the garden environment.

KCCG Schoolyard Gardens Membership

Schools participating in the Schoolyard Gardens program enroll annually.

The $2.00 annual membership gives schools access to technical assistance and low-cost gardening resources.

Technical Assistance

  • Site evaluation and selection.
  • Soil preparation and tilling.
  • Raised bed garden construction assistance.
  • Plant selection and developing a planting plan.
  • Assistance with planting the garden.
  • The Schoolyard Garden Coordinator is available to answer questions and help with the garden throughout the gardening season.

Gardening Resources

  • Low-cost seeds, plants, fertilizer, insect controls, straw and cotton burr compost.
  • Reduced cost garden tilling.
  • Tools on loan for free from our tool loan library.
  • Parent Newsletter