The Young Professionals Board

The KCCG Young Professionals Board (YPB) is a group of individuals who seek to expand the reach of KCCG. The YPB supports KCCG through networking events, outreach activities and fundraising.

If you are interested in joining this dynamic group, please email Jennifer{at}

Sagan Stephens - President

Research Grants Accountant - Children's Mercy Hospital

Lyndsey Stailey - Vice President

Teacher - Kansas City Public Schools
Britney Meyer
Behavioral Health Therapist – University of Kansas Health System – Marillac
Christina Hofer
Volunteer and Special Events Coordinator - Cross-Lines Community Outreach
Ross Jensby
Communications Coordinator – Health Forward Foundations
Laina Gunsallus
Membership Coordinator - National Auctioneers Association
Andrea Wikiera
Field Specialist at University of Missouri Extension
Casey Pearcy
Designer & Salesperson – High Prairie Landscape Group
Shibo Zhong
Investment Analyst – EPR Properties
Hannah Morray
Development Project Manager – Cerner
Brooke Franklin
Sales Associate – Hodgdon Power Company
Mark Walter
Director of Legislative & Regulatory Affairs – Savion
Dwight Moore
Manager of Business Applications – Grant Thornton
Jessica Humphrey
Sales & Supply Chain Manager – Seaboard Energy