Become a KCCG Member

We're now accepting 2019 membership forms. If you'd like to sign up, come into our headquarters in Swope Park and fill out a membership application.

volunteers harvesters garden copy
Water Tanks at Paseo West Community Garden

KCCG is a garden membership organization. Home gardeners can purchase memberships for either $2.00, $12.00, or $25.00 depending on household income. Each membership includes 10 packs of seeds, a bag of organic fertilizer and a subscription to our gardening newsletter. Additional seeds, vegetable plants, fertilizer and other garden supplies are available at a low cost to members.

KCCG membership applications are completed annually and are good from October 1- September 30 of each year. Memberships can be completed at our office in Swope Park. KCCG Members receive a membership card. This card is green for qualified low-income households and yellow and blue for those with our standard membership. Prices for some garden supplies vary depending on membership type.

Visit us at the KCCG Headquarters and sign up for a membership!