Fruit Tree & Berry Plant List

We are now accepting online orders until March 11th.


See variety descriptions below.
Berries/Asparagus Green Card Yellow/Blue Card
‘Cavendish’ June-Bearing strawberry $2.50 per bundle of 10 $2.50 per bundle of 10
‘Eversweet’ Ever-Bearing strawberry $4.00 per bundle of 10 $4.00 per bundle of 10
‘Natchez’ thornless blackberry $3.50 each $4.00 each
‘Caroline’ fall-bearing raspberry $2.50 each $3.00 each
‘Jersey Knight’ Asparagus $1.00 each $1.00 each
ALL Fruit Trees Green Card Yellow/Blue Card
Apples, Asian Pears, Pears, Peaches, Bush Cherries $20.00 each $30.00 each

Ordering Information

  • To order fruit trees, berry bushes and/or asparagus you must complete a Berry and Asparagus Order Form online.
  • All fruit orders must be paid at the time the order is submitted. You may also come into our office and pay via cash, check or credit card. No phone orders and no mail in orders.
  • Order your fruit plants soon as varieties sell out quickly. In order to ensure equitable sales a limit of 6 trees total can be ordered, with no more than 2 of one variety.
  • No more than 10 blackberry and raspberry plants per order.
  • No more than 20 asparagus plants per order.
  • We expect berry plants and asparagus to be ready for pick-up in late March and fruit trees to be available in early April.
  • All fruit plants need to be planted as soon as possible to get acclimated to your site. Fruit trees need to be stored in very cool temperatures so do not pick up until you are ready to plant.
  • All plants are bare-rooted, Bush Cherries will come in a 2 gallon pot at 18” tall.
  • Trees come 4-6’ tall unless otherwise noted.

 If your trees or berries do not break dormancy or die shortly after breaking dormancy (prior to June 1st), through no fault of your own* we will replace it free of charge. Note: You must notify us by June 1st via phone, e-mail or at our office. Photos of plant or dead plant must be accompanied with notification.*This warranty does not include over-watering, under-watering, mechanical damage, animal damage, or herbicide damage.

Berry Plants

‘Cavendish’ Strawberry - June Bearer
Cavendish produces high yields of large, firm, bright red berries with outstanding flavor. June bearing.Plants are disease resistant and hardy. Actually ripens in mid May.

‘Eversweet’ Strawberry - Day Neutral (Everbearing)
Large, intensely delicious berries. Heavy spring crop with smaller crops in July and September. This is the most heat-resistant day neutral variety.

‘Natchez’ Thornless Blackberry
Large berries have excellent flavor. Plants are upright, vigorous and hardy. The earliest blackberry! Ripens in mid June to early July Needs well-drained soil!

‘Caroline' Fall Bearing Red Raspberry
Starts bearing in August and continues until frost. Very productive and hardy with good flavor and berry size. Easy to grow and easy to prune. Needs well-drained soil!

Fruit Trees


Listed in order of ripening. Trees need another variety (pollinizer) to ensure pollination.

‘Pristine’ Apple mid-late season flowering) On G.202 semi-dwarf rootstock 10-13’ tall - This PRI (Purdue, Rutgers, and Illinois Universities) selection ripens in late July, producing large crops of beautiful yellow apples that are crisp and tasty. They are mildly tart and excellent for fresh eating, baking or in applesauce. The trees are healthy, highly resistant to apple scab, cedar apple rust and somewhat resistant to powdery mildew and fireblight.

‘Liberty’ Apple (early-mid season flowering) On G.202 semi-dwarf rootstock 10-13’ - Liberty is very similar to appearance to McIntosh, but its flavor is a bit more tart and its flesh is crisper. It has a wonderful flavor all its own. It is a good dependable choice because it is highly productive, an excellent pollinizer, keeps well and is resistant to all the major apple diseases. It ripens early September.

‘Enterprise’ Apple On M7 semi-dwarf rootstock 12-15’, G.202 semi-dwarf rootstock 10-13’ - A glossy red apple with an excellent spritely flavor that improves with storage. The tree is productive, vigorous and spreading. Fruit ripens about October 10. It is an excellent keeper and is immune to scab and resistant to fire blight, cedar apple rust and mildew.

‘Sundance’ Apple (mid season flowering) On G.202 semi-dwarf rootstock 10-13’ - A pale yellow apple with a pink blush and a juicy, sweet sub-acid flavor. Fruit ripens in mid-October. Immune to apple scab and highly resistant to fire-blight and cedar apple rust with moderate resistance to powdery mildew. Offered on a dwarf rootstock ideal for smaller areas.


‘Carmine Jewel’ Bush Cherry (self-fertile) 6-7’ tall and wide - Perfect for food production and the edible landscape! This is the same shrub that is in the Beanstalk Garden. The tart fruit starts ripening in early June and will sweeten (a bit) as it continues to ripen throughout the month. The fruits are set under the foliage so the birds don’t even know they are there! Expect 10-15 lbs of fruit once this shrub matures.

Asian Pear

Listed in order of ripening. Trees need another variety (pollinizer) to ensure pollination.

‘Shinsui’ Asian Pear On Betulifolia rootstock 15-18’ - Shinsui means "new juice" in Japan where it originated. The earliest Asian we offer, ripening to a russet yellow in mid July. Trees are very precocious and require heavy thinning. Somewhat susceptible to fire-blight, but has been relatively free of it in our area.

‘Yoinashi’ Asian Pear On Betulifolia rootstock 15-18’ - Yoinashi’ is said to mean ‘Good Pear’ in Japanese. This round brown skinned fruit is crisp, juicy and aromatic. It sets a heavy crop of medium to large fruits in mid-September. Fire-blight resistant.

‘Korean Giant’ Asian Pear On Betulifolia rootstock 15-18’ - One of the largest Asian pears sometimes weighing 1lb per or more. Ripens to russet orange in mid-October. Long storage life to 6 months.


Listed in order of ripening. Trees need another variety (pollinizer) to ensure pollination.

‘Harrow Delight’ Pear Available on OHxF87 Rootstock 12-15’’ - From the Agriculture Canada station at Harrow, this is a high-quality, early, fresh market pear with excellent BLIGHT RESISTANCE. Also RESISTANT TO PEAR SCAB. Fruit is medium size and similar to Bartlett in appearance with excellent flavor and smooth flesh. Ground color is yellow with a red blush. Early bearing. Ripens in late July through early August.

‘Blake’s Pride’ Pear Available on OHxF87 rootstock 12-15’ and OHxF97 rootstock 15-18’ 18’ - Aromatic, juicy fruit that melts in your mouth. Yellow to golden skin. Resistant to fireblight. Ripens in early September. Excellent keeping variety.

‘Harrow Sweet’ Pear Available on OHxF 87 Rootstock 12-15’ - A Fire-blight-resistant release from Agriculture Canada. A late September to Early October ripening storage pear. Excellent flavor; sweet and juicy. Precocious and productive; usually requires heavy thinning.


Listed in order of ripening. All peaches are self-fertile.

Desiree’ Peach Lovell Rootstock 15-20’ - Very early peach! Ripens in late june. The fruit is medium in size, highly colored, yellow-fleshed cling to semi-freestone, with excellent quality and flavor. Developed at the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University. The tree is medium in vigor and resistant to bacterial spot.

‘Contender’ Peach Lovell Rootstock 15-20’ - This hardy, late-blooming peach escapes late spring frosts. Beautiful, large freestone fruit is firm, sweet and delicious. Good for fresh use, freezing or for pies. Good resistance to bacterial spot. Ripens in late July.

‘Messina’ Peach Bailey Rootstock 15-20' - Large fruit ripens in mid August to a red color. Flesh is yellow and freestone. Good resistance to bacterial spot and constriction canker.


Asparagus ‘Jersey Knight’  - This all male hybrid variety produces thick, tender, tasty spears. Highly tolerant to Fusarium, Crown and Root Rot. More tolerant of heavy clay soils than standard varieties.