Grow Your Own Garden!

With an investment of less than $25, and a little practice...

it’s possible to grow nearly $500 of delicious, organic produce each year.

What We Do

Kansas City Community Gardens is one of the only gardening organizations in the country dedicated to helping home gardeners have successful gardens. KCCG helps people grow food for themselves in backyards, vacant lots and at community garden sites.

We support gardeners through

A Place To Grow

Rent a plot or raised bed at one of our nine garden locations across the KC metro area.

Low Cost Gardening

Seeds, plants, straw, tomato cages, tiller support, etc.


Free garden workshops and instructional materials.

Gardening support

Call, email or stop in with garden questions or concerns.

KCCG Memberships

Kansas City Community Gardens is a membership organization. Home gardeners purchase an annual membership for $2, $12, or $25 (depending on household income) and receive access to all of KCCG’s seeds, plants, supplies and services.

KCCG Staff Support

Earlene Franks

Office Manager

Email: earlene{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877 - Ext 306


Izola Pickett

Front Office Assistant

Email: izola{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877 - Ext 300


Email: phil{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877 - Ext 311

Phil Meyer

Director of Facilities

Stacy Lasley

Greenhouse Coordinator

Email: stacy{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877 - Ext 321