The Giving Grove Impact

Sites: 255

Annual Potential Harvest: 3 million annual servings

Trees Planted: 4,220

The Giving Grove empowers community leaders to care for the earth and feed their neighbors by establishing neighborhood orchards. These orchards, which produce fruits, nuts, and berries:

Offer Healthy Calories

The average 15-tree Giving Grove orchard produces almost 4,000 pounds of healthy food each year and 74,000 pounds over its lifetime.

Strengthen Community

Neighbors meet neighbors, children connect with nature and the orchard becomes a community gathering place.

Act as Carbon Farm

Orchards improve air quality, enhance soil biology and mitigate storm water runoff.

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Communities We Serve
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Transforming underutilized spaces into community green spaces.

school group

Schools and Youth

Connecting children to nature and early exposure to healthy food choices.



Bringing health and longevity of life in the outside orchard.


Faith Communities

Challenging others to give abundantly to their community.


Health Facilities

Providing spaces for horticulture therapy by health professionals.



Revitalizing public gathering spaces with free, healthy food access.

The Giving Grove Staff

Matt Bunch

Director of Horticulture, Education and Orchards

Email: matt{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877  Ext: 312


Melinda Dillon

Community Engagement Specialist

Email: melinda{at}
Phone : 816.931.3877 - Ext 303


Kay Thomason

Orchard Specialist

Email: kay{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877  Ext: 308