Come Grow With Us!

Who We Are

KCCG is a non-profit membership organization that helps people grow vegetables and fruit from garden plots and orchards located in backyards, schoolyards, vacant lots and community sites.


What We Offer

KCCG offers low-cost seed and plant varieties chosen to thrive in the Kansas City climate along with garden resources, free educational workshops and technical assistance… all to help your garden and orchard thrive!


How We Help

Gardening is a sustainable way to stretch your grocery budget and eat more healthy, fresh foods. Our programs are here to make it affordable and accessible to anyone – from individual gardeners to schools and community groups – who is ready to roll up their sleeves and dig in!

Community Impact 2023

Making Healthy Food Affordable

In 2023, KCCG provided low-cost resources, education, and free technical support to:

3,427 home gardeners
283 community gardens, and
246 neighborhood orchards.

We worked with partners to:

Construct 29 new gardens
Plant 19 new orchards
Expand 37 existing garden sites


Inspiring Kids To Make Healthy Choices

KCCG now supports 230 school gardens and 62 school orchards, reaching more than 20,000 students.

Our Beanstalk Children's Garden and Orchard welcomed more than 3,600
visitors for tours and Scout Badge Workshops in 2023.


Equipping & Empowering Gardeners

KCCG staff and volunteers:

Cultivated 162,000 vegetable and herb seedlings
Prepared 51,800 seed packets
Delivered 57 free educational workshops


Growing a Return on Your Investment

In 2023, KCCG invested a budget of $1.4 million in its programming.

In return, gardeners harvested an estimated $2.1 million of veggies and $1.8 million of organic fruit.

That’s a nearly 3-fold return on dollars alone –
and doesn’t even begin to count the value of improved health and community cohesion.

The Bottom Line

With a staff of 18, KCCG helped to put healthy food on the tables of more than 45,000 households who harvested directly from a garden or orchard site in 2023 and thousands more who received garden-grown food from local pantries.

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