Annual Impact

Garden Sites - 267

Total Harvest - 330,947 lbs

Households Served - 7,209

Who Are Community Partner Gardens?

KCCG collaborates with:

Neighborhoods & Housing Complexes
Communities of Faith
Health & Nutrition Clinics
Community, Senior, & Youth Centers
Social Service Agencies
Corporate Donation Gardens
Government Agencies

Why A Community Partner Garden?

Community Partner Gardens serve many purposes, including:


Rental Plot Gardens

Garden plots are made available to your members, residents or neighbors.

Donation Gardens

Produce from the garden is given to local pantries.

Group/Organizational Gardens

Food is grown for members, nutrition education and/or community meals.

Youth Gardens

Children & teens learn how to grow healthy food with help from KCCG staff and hands-on activities in the garden.
What KCCG Offers

Low-cost Gardening Resources

  • KCCG seeds and plants
  • Garden tilling
  • Garden supplies
  • Fertilizer
  • Straw and mulch

Technical Assistance

  • Site assessment
  • Construction assistance
  • Online plant & seed ordering
  • Vision planning
  • Outreach support
  • Educational workshops
Grant Opportunities

KCCG’s Sprout Micro Grants fund construction supplies and soil amendments for groups who serve populations with limited access to affordable, fresh food.

CPG Staff

Anna Martin

Community Partner Gardens Director
Email: anna{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877 - Ext 314


Amanda Woolley

Community Partner Gardens Coordinator
Email: amandaw{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877 - Ext 304


Priest Hughes

CPG Assistant, Americorps
Email: priest{at}
Phone : 816.931.3877 - Ext 328


Shea Bergman

Youth and Home Gardens Coordinator
Email: shea{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877 - Ext 315