Annual Impact

Garden Sites - 267

Total Harvest - 330,947 lbs

Households Served - 7,209

Who Are Community Partner Gardens?

KCCG collaborates with:

Neighborhoods & Housing Complexes
Communities of Faith
Health & Nutrition Clinics
Community, Senior, & Youth Centers
Social Service Agencies
Corporate Donation Gardens
Government Agencies

Why A Community Partner Garden?

Community Partner Gardens serve many purposes, including:


Rental Plot Gardens

Garden plots are made available to your members, residents or neighbors.

Donation Gardens

Produce from the garden is given to local pantries.

Group/Organizational Gardens

Food is grown for members, nutrition education and/or community meals.

Youth Gardens

Children & teens learn how to grow healthy food with help from KCCG staff and hands-on activities in the garden.
What KCCG Offers

Low-cost Gardening Resources

  • KCCG seeds and plants
  • Garden tilling
  • Garden supplies
  • Fertilizer
  • Straw and mulch

Technical Assistance

  • Site assessment
  • Construction assistance
  • Online plant & seed ordering
  • Vision planning
  • Outreach support
  • Educational workshops
Grant Opportunities

KCCG offers two grant programs to assist Community Partner Gardens:


KCCG’s Sprout Micro Grants fund construction supplies and soil amendments for groups who serve populations with limited access to affordable, fresh food.


The KC Grow Water Access Program, a partnership with the City of Kansas City, Missouri, helps community groups access water for their gardens.

CPG Staff

Anna Martin

Community Partner Gardens Director
Email: anna{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877 - Ext 314


Amanda Woolley

Community Partner Gardens Coordinator
Email: amandaw{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877 - Ext 304


Priest Hughes

CPG Assistant, Americorps
Email: priest{at}
Phone : 816.931.3877 - Ext 328


Shea Bergman

Youth and Home Gardens Coordinator
Email: shea{at}
Phone: 816.931.3877 - Ext 315