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This Kansas City Neighborhood Wrote The Blueprint For Transforming a Community

Residents formed a neighborhood association that has led to cleaner, safer streets, new businesses, parks, a community garden and a sense of ownership.

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MATT NOWAK: Get to know the Kansas City Community Gardens

The KCCG offers workshops during the various gardening seasons that are pertinent to issues that you want to know about. For example, I recently attended a workshop on fall planting, which actually starts right now in summer so that you have a fall garden to harvest.

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Healthy Cucumber Melon Salad recipe gets an Asian twist with fish sauce

Being an urban gardener feeds Sharon Goldstein, both body and soul. As the community partner gardens coordinator for Kansas City Community Gardens since 2011, Goldstein has a passion for teaching people how to cook what they grow.

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Kansas City Community Gardens Hopes to Feed a City Through Gardening

For nearly 40 years, Kansas City Community Gardens (KCCG) has engaged in a metro-wide effort to educate the community about one of the city’s most under-utilized food resources: our own fertile land.

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Shrewd fruit tree choices can yield ample harvests

Growing fruit in your yard can be tricky, but the rewards are sweet.

If you’re thinking of planting apples, peaches, pears or berries, a local initiative called the Giving Grove can steer you in the right direction when choosing varieties.

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Mitzvah Garden in Overland Park feeds the hungry and nurtures mind, body and soul

Tucked away off of Nall Avenue in Overland Park, lies a modern day Garden of Eden — the Mitzvah Garden of Kansas City. This small patch of green space does what the biblical garden was intended to do: provide sustenance and a sense of community in a place where all are welcome.

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Gardening experts offer tricks of the trade to protect and grow plants

The overnight frosts appear to be gone (knock on wood). The rains have returned. Gardening is finally in progress. Now it’s time for problem-solving.

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Advice For May Gardening In Kansas City

Are all those April showers making your May flowers feel a little soggy? Today, we get tips for late-spring gardening from the Kansas City Community Gardens.

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Urban Cafe

Couple Brings Fresh Ideas To Troost

The Urban Cafe, open from 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, sources its vegetables from KCCG's Manheim Park Community Garden just down the road. Before Justin had the opportunity to approach the garden, the gardeners came to him.

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