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Our program provides the resources, technical assistance and support needed to get a garden started (site selection, construction support) and to keep your garden growing (low cost plants & seeds, blog and YouTube videos with information on planting, harvesting, activities, recipes & more). As a team of three staff and one AmeriCorps service member, we support over 220 schools throughout the Kansas City Metro area. We serve preschool through high school aged students in both Kansas and Missouri.



  • Develop vegetable gardening skills
  • Increase access to healthy food
  • Experiential learning
  • Nutrition education
  • Increase plant science knowledge
  • Support environmental awareness
  • Create opportunities for student leadership/ownership at school

Membership Includes:

  • Low-cost seeds and plants
  • Planting assistance, garden check-in, and harvest support.
  • Access to Schoolyard Garden resources, including planting plans, Grow/Sprout in the Garden lessons, and free workshops
  • Technical assistance by phone, email, and in-person
  • “How-To” videos and weekly blog posts including recipes for students

New Garden Requirements:

  • Water source (less than 125 ft from the garden)
  • Sunny spot (8 hours of sunlight/day)
  • Two dedicated garden coordinators
  • Attend one annual garden workshop within the first year of membership
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We will not be able to do a site visit until June and will not be able to do a garden construction until October.