How to Prevent Cabbage Loopers in your Schoolyard Garden

While out exploring in the garden with preschoolers from Learn A Lot in Raytown, Mo., we noticed green caterpillars on our broccoli plants! These small green caterpillars are called cabbage loopers. They enjoy eating greens in the brassica family (kale, cabbage, collards, broccoli, etc.). Cabbage loopers are especially pesky during the fall gardening season. After […]

Mulching Your Schoolyard Garden

Weeding your schoolyard garden can be a tedious task for students and teachers alike. To help prevent weeds from growing in your garden, consider adding straw mulch to your schoolyard garden. A thick layer of straw mulch limits the weeds’ access to sunlight, thereby stifling emerging weed seedlings. Before applying mulch, weed the garden as thoroughly as […]

A Garden for Every School

Welcome to the Schoolyard Gardens blog page! The Schoolyard Gardens program of Kansas City Community Gardens helps support raised bed vegetable gardens at schools throughout the metro area. Our staff help support teachers, after school coordinators and parent volunteers establish vegetable gardens for their students on school grounds. With gardens at over 200 schools throughout […]