Whiskey Auction

Your chance to own one of two hundred, rare-release and collectible whiskeys!

This very rare and collectable bourbon honors the O.F.C. Distillery, a National Historic Landmark known today as Buffalo Trace Distillery. This hand-cut crystal bottle is vintage, dated to 1982. Enjoy this whiskey of a bygone era, sourced from barrels of yesteryear.

The whiskey is valued at $10,000. KCCC received #35 of 50 of the 1982 Vintage O.F.C. bourbon bottles. Historical events from 1982 are detailed on the back of the bottle and on the commemorative keepsakes.

Kansas City Community Gardens is auctioning off the bottle until March 1, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.

The auction has ended at $5,250!

If you would like information, please email Courtney Foy at courtney@kccg.org with your bid.

All proceeds will go to benefit Kansas City Community Gardens, an organization addressing food-insecurity by empowering over 26,000 Kansas City families each year to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables.