Free Workshop Schedule

All workshops are free! Please note the location of the workshops at the top of each schedule.

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KCCG Office in Swope Park

6917 Kensington, KCMO 64132
When Time Workshop
JULY 13th 12:00pm GROWING AND COOKING WITH FRESH HERBS: Fresh herbs are a tasty and healthy way to enhance your cooking. Learn the best ways to grow and preserve the most popular varieties of herbs. We will cook with several easy-to-grow herbs. Bring your appetite!
JULY 27th 12:00pm THE INS AND OUTS OF FALL GARDENING: Gardening doesn’t end with tomatoes and zucchini. Don’t miss Kansas City’s bountiful third gardening season. You can plant in July and August for a delicious fall garden harvest! Learn the details of what and when to plant for best results.
JULY 31st 6:00pm HANDS-ON SERIES #5 - FALL PLANTING IN THE GARDEN: Outside in the demo garden. Weather permitting.
AUG 3rd 12:00pm KEEP OUT! BEST PRACTICES FOR DETERRING ANIMAL PESTS: How do I keep the squirrels out of my tomatoes? Voles out of my sweet potatoes? Although there are no sure-fire solutions to keep pesky pests out of your garden, this workshop will discuss best practices for deterring animal pests.
AUG 17th 12:00pm COOKING WITH SUMMER'S BOUNTY: Learn how to prepare the beautiful, fresh produce that you have harvested from your garden. Don’t know what to do with Swiss chard? Have zucchini coming out of your ears? No problem. Come sample some creative and healthy veggie recipes featuring summer produce. Bring your appetite!
AUG 28th 6:00pm HANDS-ON SERIES #6 - HARVESTING FROM THE GARDEN: Outside in the demo garden. Weather permitting.
OCT 5TH 12:00PM POPULAR GARDEN TRENDS: What gardening methods are best? Should I or shouldn’t I be tilling my garden? Is square foot gardening best for raised beds? With the rising popularity of vegetable gardening, comes a tide of different garden trends. In this workshop we will discuss the merits and limitations of several different gardening trends as well as many age-old gardening myths.
OCT 19TH 12:00PM GROWING GREAT GARLIC AND ONIONS: Garlic and onions are the foundation of many recipes. They are some of the best crops to grow to donate because they store well. Join us to learn more and increase your harvest.

Satellite Seed and Plant Sale

Independence, MO

The Independence Fall Cool Season Plant Sale will be held at the Roger T. Sermon Center (201 N Dodgion St., Independence Mo, 64050) on Thursday, August 2nd from 4-5:30pm in the South Room.

For more information contact Selena Good at sgoo{at} or 816-325-7187

Kansas City, KS

Northrup Park Community Garden:  939 Barnett, Kansas City, KS 66101

  • Fall, Cool Season Plants: Monday, July 30 @5-6:00pm