The Beanstalk Children's Garden

Open June 1st, 2021

Hours of Operation

June 1st to mid-October
Mon-Fri:  9am-4pm
Saturdays: 9am-12pm
Closed Sundays

Price of Admission

Guided Tours are $2/person
Self-Guided Tours are Free
(Donations Accepted)

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To plan your visit:
 Email Us
Phone: (816) 931-3877 ext. 320

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COVID-19 Social Distancing Guidelines

The following measures are being taken to keep our visitors safe:

One way traffic through the garden.

Garden highlights at designated stopping spots.

Building will be closed to public (portable restroom outside).

Outdoor hand washing and sanitizing stations.

All group tours will be subject to size limitations.

Outdoor drinking water stations.

Mask Guidelines

The garden staff will be required to wear a mask. Guests are not required to bring a mask, but are strongly encouraged. We ask that you please practice social distancing when at the Beanstalk Children’s Garden and stay at least 6 feet away from other visitors. Please bring your own re-usable water bottle from home. Our water fountains are closed, but outdoor water stations will be available to refill them.

Come Visit Us

The Beanstalk Children’s Garden is a unique urban learning environment where children are invited to see, smell, touch and taste growing plants. They’ll gasp in wonder as they learn where their food is grown, discover new favorite foods and leave inspired to make healthy choices.

The Six Gardens in the Beanstalk


The Curiosity Garden

The curiosity garden is an exciting place for children to experience unusual plants.


The Water Garden

The water garden is home to fish, frogs, and water plants such as papyrus, water lilies, and cattails.


The Seed & Grain Garden

The seed and grain garden contains seed and grain plants such as corn, oats, soybeans, peanuts, and popcorn.


The Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden is filled with colorful plants that inspire children to make healthy food choices.


The Fruit Garden

The fruit garden is bursting with both common and uncommon berry bushes and fruit trees.


The Herb Garden

The herb garden features different types of herbs used in cooking, fragrances, and medicines.

Who We Are
Beanstalk Staff

Lois Hutchins

Beanstalk Garden Coordinator

Phone: (816) 931-3877 Ext 305
Email: lois{at}


Joe Sweeney

Beanstalk Garden Assistant

Phone: (816) 931-3877 Ext 305


Angie Waterman

Beanstalk Garden Assistant

Phone: (816) 931-3877 Ext 302
Email: angie{at}


Stacy Lasley

Greenhouse Coordinator

Phone: (816) 931-3877 Ext 321
Email: stacy{at}

Book a Tour

To plan your visit:
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Phone: (816) 931-3877 ext. 302

If you don’t receive your tour confirmation by email within 3 business days, please call us at the number above.

How To Make Fun Snacks From The Garden