Summer School Students are Working Hard to Maintain their Schoolyard Gardens During These Hot Months

Summer school programs throughout Kansas City began last week, and many of these students have been tasked with maintaining their vegetable gardens during these hot months. Many of the 200 plus schoolyard gardens that we work with planted vegetables like peppers, tomatoes and sweet potatoes in May, which are perfect for schools that aren’t in […]

With the End of the School Year, Students Celebrate #IGrewThis

It’s been a busy spring for Schoolyard Gardens!  In March, over 160 schools planted spring crops. While the first day of planting the garden is exciting and full of hope, the real joys—and sometimes frustrations—happens during the following eight weeks. Students, teachers and even our Schoolyards Gardens staff watch as our tending and hard work […]

This Winter, Make Garden Signs with Your Students to Prepare for the Growing Season!

Have you ever had trouble identifying plants in your garden, or forgotten what you planted in a bed? Plant markers help students and adults alike with vegetable identification. Rather than using the small plastic markers that can fall out or wash off, consider making larger, more permanent signs to make your schoolyard garden more informative […]