Spectacular Spinach!

Vegetable:  Spinach SYG Varieties: Noble Giant: Thick, glossy dark green extremely large leaves. Delicious and flavorful.  Harvest in 30 days for baby spinach. Slow to bolt. Woodpecker Spinach: Smooth leaf variety, upright plant. Slow to bolt. High resistance to mildew. How to Plant: Plant seeds in rows spaced 4-6” apart and thin plants to stand […]


Tasty Spring Garden Salad

The end of the school year is approaching and summer is sneaking into Kansas City with temperatures hitting 90 degrees yesterday! Out at our Schoolyard Gardens it is time to harvest spring greens and make room for summer plants. Schools can expect to harvest their lettuces, spinach, arugula, green onions, radishes, mustard greens and cilantro […]

Using Row Cover in Your Schoolyard Garden: Protect Your Veggies from Dropping Temperatures!

Since schools plant their fall gardens somewhat late in the season due to the school calendar, some vegetables need a little protection from frost as winter approaches! Keep an eye on the weather. As you notice temperatures dropping this fall, install row cover over your veggies so that they last a little bit longer. Row […]