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Successful Garden Underpins Community Revitalization and New Development

In an overgrown, empty lot at 37th and Woodlawn in one of Kansas City’s long-identified “food deserts,” the Ivanhoe Community Garden took root in the spring of 2011 ─ a collaboration of University of Missouri Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City, the Ivanhoe Neighborhood Council and Kansas City Community Gardens. “The garden has grown from […]

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Two Schools + Two Gardens = Immeasurable Success for At-Risk Kids

Perhaps the adage gardening heals is no more evident than at Kansas City’s Cornerstones of Care Gillis and Ozanam gardens where day therapy and residential foster care kids tend two cultivated acres of vegetables, two orchards plus a large greenhouse built in partnership with Cultivate KC, Kansas City Community Gardens and Giving Grove orchards. “We […]