Seed Germination in a Paper Towel

Lesson Summary: Today’s lesson, Seed Germination in a Paper Towel, is a fun experiment that encourages students of all ages to practice their observation skills. It’s easy to conduct at home for those who are participating in distance learning and requires minimal materials, most of which students already have at home. If you’re working with […]


A Look at the Garden from an Ant’s Perspective

Summary: Today’s lesson, An Ant’s Perspective is appropriate for students of any age. Younger children will enjoy pretending to be an ant and exploring the garden, while older students will be able to think more critically about the complexity of taking on a different creature’s perspective. This activity encourages movement and is accessible for students […]


Layers of Soil

Summary: In honor of Earth Day yesterday, we’d like to take a look at a part of Earth that is invaluable to the garden – Soil! Today’s lesson, Layer’s of Soil, encourages students to examine a sample of soil to assess its makeup. It is easily adaptable for teachers and students who are currently participating […]


The Garden Food Chain

Summary: This week’s lesson,”The Garden Food Chain” teaches the importance of each living organism and non-living feature in an ecosystem. Using your schoolyard garden as a setting, discuss the roles of decomposers, producers, and consumers. Encourage students to explore their garden or reflect on a time spent in their garden and ask them to identify […]