How to Plant Garlic

We’ve talked before about how to plant your garlic, but brand new to our garlic collection is our “How to Plant Garlic” video!  This video features our K-12 Coordinator, Crystal and students at Three Trails Elementary in their garlic planting lesson from 2019. If you’re still craving more garlic info, check out our new resource […]


How-To Harvest Garlic

Are the leaves of your garlic plants starting to turn brown and looking a little droopy? Get your trowel and garden fork ready, because it’s time to harvest! Check out our quick how-to video below. For more garlic info, check out our SYG Garlic Tips below or download the PDF from our website here. Check out […]

Growing Great Garlic

Growing this pungent bulb is fairly easy when armed with the right knowledge and tools. Garlic needs cold winter temperatures in order to develop from a single clove into a bulb with multiple cloves in the spring. Ideally, garlic is planted in mid- November through mid-December while the temperatures are still cold, but the ground […]