Identifying Summer Weeds: Johnson Grass

As summer is now in full swing, the SYG team has been running around Kansas City staking tomatoes, dropping off straw bales, and covering empty garden beds. In our travels, we have noticed some beautiful summer gardens! Crops like tomatoes, tomatillos, peppers, sweet potatoes, and cucumbers have been growing fast amidst the hot, humid weather. […]


Spotlight: William Southern Elementary

The after-school garden club at William Southern Elementary has been working hard in the garden this spring! Earlier this season, the group braved the cold weather to plant seed potatoes, arugula, turnips, carrots, and lettuce. Although it was difficult for the kiddos to imagine these veggies sprouting in the frigid soil, we talked about how […]


Checklist: Getting Ready For Spring!

Here at KCCG, we are hustling and bustling to get ready for the spring! Seedlings are sprouting in the greenhouse, flowers are being planted in our Beanstalk Children’s Garden, and the front office is busy with gardeners picking up seeds and renewing their memberships. At Schoolyard Gardens, we are coordinating with schools to prepare for […]


Spotlight: Celebrating 30 Garden Beds at Border Star

Winter is a sleepy time for many gardeners, but here at schoolyard gardens, we’re keeping busy! Along with garden constructions, we’re topping off beds with compost, tilling up compacted soil, and making minor repairs to raised beds. The time in between growing seasons provides us with a great opportunity to do some much-needed schoolyard garden […]