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Schoolyard Garden Spotlight: Southwood Elementary Garden Club

Did you know that sweet potatoes are the most sensitive vegetable to freezing temperatures?  If left outside in the cold the tubers become mealy and inedible. On the day Southwood Elementary planned to harvest their sweet potatoes, they were very aware that they only had a small window of time before that evenings freezing temperature […]


Schoolyard Gardens Spotlight: Troost Elementary LINC

I arrived to Troost Elementary LINC to plant fall veggies on an especially humid August afternoon, and was greeted by students who were ready to garden…In their pajamas (for school spirit week, of course!). My initial weeks of AmeriCorps service were filled with many firsts but until arriving at Troost Elementary, I would have never […]

Snacks from the Schoolyard Garden – The Best Part of Growing Your Own Food!

The most exciting part of growing vegetables is getting to eat all the yummy veggies. While the Schoolyard Gardens team is partial to eating veggies straight from the garden, it’s fun to try them in a few inventive ways as well. Below are a few of our favorite kid-friendly recipes. All of these recipes require little […]

Burke Elementary Schoolyard Garden Growing Strong for Seven Years

The vegetable garden at Burke Elementary in the Hickman Mills school district has continued to thrive over the last seven years thanks to the continued dedication of one teacher—Swapnam Kumar. Swapnam is a teacher for 4th grade English language learners. She is passionate about gardening and has partnered with KCCG since 2009, when the students […]