Schoolyard Gardens Spotlight: Troost Elementary LINC

I arrived to Troost Elementary LINC to plant fall veggies on an especially humid August afternoon, and was greeted by students who were ready to garden…In their pajamas (for school spirit week, of course!). My initial weeks of AmeriCorps service were filled with many firsts but until arriving at Troost Elementary, I would have never […]

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Schoolyard Gardens Grow 31 Types of Fall Vegetables

This fall we gardened with over 6,400 students. Over 100 schools in the KC Metro area planted a fall garden. Schools grew over 31 different varieties of cool season vegetables. The most popular vegetables this fall were broccoli, carrots, collards, kale and radishes! We still have a little bit of hardneck garlic left, contact if interested! […]

Richardson Family Garden

This fall, Richardson Early Childhood Center of KCMO offered five 4 x 12 raised garden beds to families.  With a Schoolyard Garden Assistant, these families will learn how to plant, properly water, weed and mulch.  This will also bring opportunity to families to meet one another, creating more of a community feeling at Richardson. The […]