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Partners Key in Gardening’s Exponential Reach and Impact

This story was contributed by Martha Walker, retired newspaper and United Press International wire service reporter who also worked 22 years in corporate communications and market research. Back in 2005 when Kansas City Community Gardens collaborated with Harvesters Community Food Network and Kansas City Master Gardeners to create an inspiring “demonstration” garden near 39th Street […]


KCCG Volunteer Spotlight – Roger Shelton Harvests & Donates 16,838 Green Beans

KCCG would not be nearly as successful or productive without the help of volunteers. In 2017,  386 volunteers put in 2387 hours this year, which helped KCCG save approximately $19,000 – $23,000 in labor costs. One of these volunteers is Roger Shelton, who does more than just volunteer. Shelton, an avid gardener, also donates his […]