Kale Yeah

Vegetable: Kale SYG Varieties: Redbor, Winterbor Planting Instructions: Leave 10-12 inches between each plant 4×12 beds (K-12) fit 24 plants in a full bed (3 across & 8 down) 3×9 beds (preschool) fit 10 plants in a full bed (2 across & 5 down) Plant to Harvest Time Frame: 7 weeks Plant: mid-March to early […]

harvest party 1

Harvest Party Time!

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Harvest Party Time! While planting the seeds and transplants and watching them grow is half the fun (and a worthy educational endeavor), the other half of the fun is eating all of the fresh veggies! Throughout the growing season, we recommend that schools and students taste the […]