Can you Cabbage?

Vegetable:  Cabbage SYG Varieties: Stonehead Cabbage is a great source of Vitamin A,K,B6 and Vitamin C.  Vitamin C supports the production of collagen which keeps your joints and muscles strong. Growing a good size cabbage can be tricky and over the years I’ve heard from gardeners all the different tricks for growing cabbage. One trick […]

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Terrific Turnips

Vegetable: Turnips SYG Variety: Purple Top Turnips are a good source of vitamin C, which helps your body’s immune system stay healthy. We rely on our immune system to protect us from germs! Still learning to like turnips? Me too. Try our Turnip Carrot Mash—this recipe combines turnips and carrots with some butter and spices […]

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Beautiful Beets

Vegetable: Beets SYG Variety: Red and Golden, Detroit Dark Red, Early Wonder Beets are a rich source of natural nitrates which helps deliver oxygen to our muscles and helps our bodies stay active. Not only are they delicious and nutritious, they are so versatile in the kitchen! You can roast them till they are caramelized […]


Outstanding Onions!

Vegetable: Bulb Onions SYG Varieties: Candy (yellow), Candy Apple(red), Superstar(white) Planting Instructions: Plant onion plants 1” deep with the root end facing down The plants (green part) will stick out of the ground about 2-3” The plants should be planted in rows spaced 3-4” apart – giving each plant room to grow into a bulb […]


Potato Power!

Vegetable: Spring Potatoes SYG Varieties: Red Norland, Kennebec, Yukon Gold, Blue Planting Instructions:  Cut sprouted potatoes into ping pong sized pieces. Make sure each piece you’ve cut has a sprout or eye on it. Dig holes 9-12 inches apart and 5-6 inches deep.  Place 1 piece of potato in each hole with the sprout facing […]


Spectacular Spinach!

Vegetable:  Spinach SYG Varieties: Noble Giant: Thick, glossy dark green extremely large leaves. Delicious and flavorful.  Harvest in 30 days for baby spinach. Slow to bolt. Woodpecker Spinach: Smooth leaf variety, upright plant. Slow to bolt. High resistance to mildew. How to Plant: Plant seeds in rows spaced 4-6” apart and thin plants to stand […]